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EN[strɪkt] [-ɪkt]
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    Wählen sie das am besten geeignete antwort auf jede frage.
  • Frage 1 :
  • Summum genus, in its _________ sense, is that all-extensive term under which every object of whatever kind may be classed, and of every one of which it may be affirmatively predicated: the word which is generally used to denote such genus is substance, or, as some call it, being. ... ; thus by ornithologist, bird would be regarded as the summum genus under which he would arrange the different subdivisions of birds ...
    1. strictest
    2. stricter
    3. strict
  • Frage 2 :
  • The academy was a prison for many of its students because of its ______ teachers.
    1. strictest
    2. stricter
    3. strict
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