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EN[strɪkt] [-ɪkt]
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  • Frage 1 :
  • The headmaster was an even ________ censor of his boarding pupils' correspondence than the enemy censors had been of his own when the country was occupied.
    1. strictest
    2. stricter
    3. strict
  • Frage 2 :
  • Accustomed by the _________ and most rigid training, to obey as familiars, the will of their superiors without question--to be mere mindless and feelingless tools, to whom death itself was awarded, if by word or hint, or even sign, they dared evince themselves to be as other men--he had, at the command of the Grand Inquisitor, deeply drugged Senor Stanley's evening draught, and, while under its potent influence, had purloined his sword; waylaid Don Ferdinand in the Calle Soledad, effectually done the deed, and--aware that it would be many hours ere the English Senor could arouse himself from the stupifying effects of the draught--had intended returning to his chamber still more effectually to throw on him the suspicion of the murder.
    1. strictest
    2. stricter
    3. strict
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