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  • Beispiele thickness
    1. Surface profilometry was used to measure the film thickness.
    2. And the solution used in the injections, or sclerosant, can be customized to the color, depth and thickness of a particular patient’s spider veins.
    3. The thickness of the Earth's crust is varies from two to 70 kilometres.
    4. Whip the cream until it reaches a good thickness.
    5. The lower bed is three feet five inches in thickness, contains less of the zoophite, and fewer fossils than the upper, but the siliceous pebbles are more [ …]
    6. Vesteris Seamount is composed of highly alkaline lavas of alkalibasaltic to basanitic/tephritic compositions, consistent with small extents of mantle melting due to great lithospheric thickness [17 ].
    7. Various studies have proved that predentin can provide a mechanical supporting function for the pulp tissue and the thickness of predentin layer reflects the function of dentinogenic activity in human teeth.
    8. The film with a thickness of 10 nm is grown by van der Waals epitaxy on fluorophlogopite mica and Hall-bar devices are fabricated from the as-grown film directly on the mica substrate.
  • Beispiele thicknesses
    1. We upholstered the seat with three thicknesses of cloth to make it more comfortable to sit on.
    2. After 24 h, the thicknesses of the ear and hind paw were measured using a digital microcaliper.
    3. Central and peripheral corneal thicknesses at 4.5 mm superior location from the centre of the cornea (CCT and SCT) were measured, calculated, and provided by videokeratography (Orbscan II, Bausch & Lomb, Rochester, New York, USA).
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