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EN[ˈtɛstɪŋ] [-ɛstɪŋ]

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    1. England have now gone four games without a win at Wembley, their longest sequence without a victory in 30 years, and still have much work to do to reach Euro 2012 as they prepare for a testing trip to face Bulgaria in Sofia in September.
    2. The eventual goal is to use the technique for bioreactionsinfusing fibers with DNA or proteins and testing how other chemicals modify them, on a small scale.
    3. Before a tour of the biothreat response testing laboratory on Sunday, visitors had to promise not to reveal its location.
    4. We cloned the database to perform some testing.
    5. Improved drug testing has been a game changer for many sports.
    6. Teachers testing with informal reading inventories (selected because of comprehension difficulty unrelated to word recognition) were asked to give explanations for the miscomprehensions of their students.
    7. Continuously testing the resilience of the melting pot differentiates America from other places; and the olla podrida of colors and cultures creates a reservoir of talents unduplicated on the planet.
    8. Testing includes using a pen or finger to test for the “near point of convergence,” as well as a phoropter, which uses lenses and prisms to test the eyes’ ability to work together.
    9. So I brought it to campus for testing and turns out there was a suspected endocrine disrupter and a photocarcinogen — a chemical that, when exposed to sunlight, has a carcinogenic potential to it.
    10. Testing for the new antidote is currently in progress.
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