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    1. For them, parity is less an ultimate goal than a transitory and permissive springboard for testing Western resolve and pursuing whatever additional accretions of strategic power the strictures of SALT and American tolerance will allow.
    2. Instead of selecting an image for testing every 0.2 seconds, the new research team used a subjective time approach, selecting an image to represent each significant change in the ad, no matter how fast or slow the ad’s edits may be.
    3. The Nevada test site is contaminated with radiation after years of nuclear testing.
    4. The department has been testing samples of tap water in the affected neighborhoods for the presence of the chemical, tetrachloroethylene, which is used in dry cleaning and auto body repair.
    5. JUnit is the unit testing framework for the Java programming language.
    6. Offering high-quality software as open-source externalizes benefits to a large community, but also externalizes much of the cost of testing and further development.
    7. Pre-augmentation urodynamic testing and capillaroscopy was performed.
    8. The cardiologists, who performed the physical and echocardiographical examinations, were blind to the CT-proET-1 levels and the results of the psychometric testing.
    9. While a randomized Phase II study testing the addition of the IGF1R mab ganitumab to chemotherapy in EWS is ongoing (NCT02306161), CAR T cells targeting IGF1R may be an alternative treatment for high risk patients with EWS and other sarcomas.
    10. The lack of agreement between molecular testing and single-specimen MAT likely resulted from the clearance of leptospiremia coinciding with the appearance of agglutinating antibodies in serum during the immune phase of illness [2 ,3 ,22 ].
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