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    1. to understand words in a strict sense
    2. Although rationing was strict, they had a couple of chickens and a vegetable patch and they ate well, all things considered. ‎
    3. His parents — a restless, titanically self-involved father and a mother who cultivated her inner life in strict solitudeseem a much likelier source for his condition.
    4. strict arboreality
    5. Due to her strict adherence to her daily schedule, Jessica was becoming more and more convinced that she was an automaton.
    6. American conservatives tend to favor strict construction of the Constitution.
    7. The baby bird may snuggle with its nestmates for warmth but when food is offered they are strict competitors.
    8. Your emergency scenario test next week will require strict chronological adherence to OPQRST procedures.
    9. The academy was a prison for many of its students because of its strict teachers.
    10. The relationist is likely to reply that this is a far cry from demonstrating that the dynamic shift is nomically possible in a strict sense.
  • Beispiele stricter
    1. The authoritarian government was demanding stricter laws for low-wage peasants.
    2. Repeated incidents of air rage have led to stricter security on airplanes.
    3. The headmaster was an even stricter censor of his boarding pupils' correspondence than the enemy censors had been of his own when the country was occupied.
  • Beispiele strictest
    1. Accustomed by the strictest and most rigid training, to obey as familiars, the will of their superiors without question--to be mere mindless and feelingless tools, to whom death itself was awarded, if by word or hint, or even sign, they dared evince themselves to be as other men--he had, at the command of the Grand Inquisitor, deeply drugged Senor Stanley's evening draught, and, while under its potent influence, had purloined his sword; waylaid Don Ferdinand in the Calle Soledad, effectually done the deed, and--aware that it would be many hours ere the English Senor could arouse himself from the stupifying effects of the draught--had intended returning to his chamber still more effectually to throw on him the suspicion of the murder.
    2. Summum genus, in its strictest sense, is that all-extensive term under which every object of whatever kind may be classed, and of every one of which it may be affirmatively predicated: the word which is generally used to denote such genus is substance, or, as some call it, being. ... ; thus by ornithologist, bird would be regarded as the summum genus under which he would arrange the different subdivisions of birds ...
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