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EN[pɹəˈdjuːst] [pɹəˈd͡ʒuːst] [pɹəˈdust] [-uːst]

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    1. Earlier Sunday, park officials had closed off the paved walkway and a series of interlocking gates that led to viewing stations at Thunder Hole, an inlet with a submerged cave that is known to produce booming, plumelike waves.
    2. In the gallery of postnatural history, for example, is a goat that has been genetically tinkered with to produce spider silk, useful for fishing line and bulletproof vests, in its milk.
    3. Subsequently the temperature of the produce must be maintained at low levels (at or near freezing) and in the presence of high relative humidity in order to maintain a level of quality mirroring that of the preharvested product.
    4. Its pythonlike form should produce as much a stir, at least within architectural circles, as did the Bird’s Nest stadium by Mr. Herzog and Pierre de Meuron when it was unveiled a year ago at the Beijing Olympics.
    5. The caterpillars of swallowtail butterflies have a forked osmeterium, from which they produce a smelly, repugnatorial liquid if you grab them.
    6. When we set out to produce the site full time, everything we did went on the site, but the reporting for the site hasn't changed. I don't think it ever will. It's basic shoe leather reporting, hunting down sources and documents and confirming authenticity.
    7. You look at his stuff and imagine the sociorealist masterpiece he might produce if he were to engage in some heroic Steinbeckian research.
    8. Because it doesn’t actually produce anything, some knock Rockstar as a straight-up patent troll. - Robert McMillan, How Apple and Microsoft Armed 4,000 Patent Warheads, Wired, May 21, 2012
    9. A quickly-produced suboptimal solution to a problem is often more useful than an optimal one that takes a long time to produce.
    10. Mexican open-bed trucks haul most of the fresh produce that comes into the United States from Mexico.
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    1. A bastard orange gel produces predominantly orange light with undertones of blue.
    2. Further reaction of quadricyclane with the cyclobutene-1,2-diester system of 9 produces the decacyclic system 7, in which each terminus contains a 3,4-dihydro variant of Smith’s diene.
    3. Pressing on the bruise produces a dull pain.
    4. The X refinery produces a wide range of gasolines.
    5. Reaction of quadricyclane with Smith’s diene produces the hexacyclic structure 8, while controlled Mitsudo cycloaddition of DMAD onto 8 can be used to form the heptacyclic system 9.
    6. The plant produces lactaceous secretions.
    7. Heath's home is defined as "net-zero," which means it produces as much energy as it consumes throughout the year.[1]
    8. "They are looking at what is really American in a nonjaded way," said Mark Russell, who produces the Under the Radar Festival at the Public.
    9. The skunk produces a penetrating odor.
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    1. By this means as many absolutely identical plates can be produced as may be required, and being hardened they will yield a very large number of prints without any appreciable deterioration.
    2. A nondysgenic hybrid was produced.
    3. Tracy produced records of 67-95 in 2006 and 68-94 this season, and had the shortest run of any noninterim Pirates manager since Bill Virdon was fired late into his second season in 1973.
    4. BBs, "stars," and other "nonphotic" visual stimuli (i.e., those not actually produced by light) are called photopsia or phosphenes.
    5. England number one Hart produced a magnificent moment to deny Van Persie once more just after the hour mark, leaping across his goal to fingertip the Dutchman's crashing 25-yard, top corner-bound drive away.
    6. Forest, who lost striker Kris Boyd to injury seconds before half-time, produced little after the break, with a Tyson sliced shot from 12 yards their only opportunity of note.
    7. Operetta is tricky: potentially as sparkling and sophisticated as Champagne, it is often produced today as a kind of Kool-Aid punch, overbright and oversweet and with very little appeal to a discriminating audience.
    8. It was Rooney, however, who produced a moment of inspiration to score a stunning overhead kick that will live forever in the memory of United's fans and extended City's dismal sequence of only one league win in their last 27 visits to Old Trafford.
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    1. To the Editor: The May 4 Green Traveler column (“Trying to Lighten that Carbon Footprint ”) cites Friends of the Earth’s negative comments regarding Richard Branson’s biofueled flight and the drawbacks of producing biofuels for air travel.
    2. The development of the schistose or gneissic structure is accompanied by the recrystallization of the rock materials, producing new minerals of a platy or columnar type adapted to this parallel arrangement.
    3. [ … ] the hypochondriacal British ceramist William De Morgan, who spent winters in Florence for his health while gradually bankrupting his business back home producing iridescent mythological scenes on tiles, vases and plates.
    4. Mamet, like one of his characters, invents a labyrinthine, convoluted spiel leading nowhere, and like a magician distracts us with his words while elaborately not producing a rabbit from his hat.
    5. The last load, as we Yankees say, was a "Mammoth": [ …] producing an aggregate of nearly twelve cords.
    6. The temperatures required for producing a crystalline solid out of such a "one-component plasma" (3) are in the millikelvin range.
    7. California is taking the lead, producing a paprika that is more standardized and more uniformly available than the European growers offer.
    8. The megapode is viewed as a ‘specialised’ galliform, having extended the phasianid incubation period and producing superprecocial hatchlings that have developed in the egg for a further four weeks.
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