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    1. For someone like myself who loves the MINISTRY album Mind... this new album is double plus good!
    2. There's only one problem. Files converted from Word Perfect to Q&A format don't work with Q&A. Q&A thinks it has read in the file, but then the whole mess blows up. Ungood. Double plus ungood.
    3. Two plus two equals four.
    4. The integral of is plus a constant.
    5. The poor lighting and sparse maintenance, plus the rarefied traffic on its wide boulevards, made the effect of Pyongyang on the tourist distinctly lugubrious.
    6. La Guardia, however, has very few off-peak periods; most of the day it is near its limit, defined as 75 scheduled flights per hour, plus 6 nonairline flights.
    7. The Schengen zone already includes 15 nations, the 15 oldest European Union members minus Britain and Ireland, plus the nonbloc nations Norway and Iceland.
    8. Even so, the policy has found a hidden plus: increased crowds visiting noncharging permanent collections have meant more people buying $16 to $22 tickets for temporary exhibitions.
    9. He is a real plus to the team.
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