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    1. Because of the sunshine law, we could go to the planning meeting. ‎
    2. I had been planning every day through these years toward a universal car.
    3. His planning application was unprotested and passed by the committee.
    4. Thus studying, teaching, and planning; laboring with her hands, and enduring pain, sickness, and sorrow; unsolaced by Christian society, except her husband's,--three anxious years passed.
    5. His unstructured method of planning scared anyone who had to depend on his schedules.
    6. Boy, they sure went above and beyond when they were planning this party!
    7. As he was a politician, he discussed all subjects carefully, not offending anyone.  He carefully studied the papers, while planning his next move.   He carefully avoided the subject all evening. ‎
    8. At the policy level, the functions of planning and establishing policies were lodged in A-1 (Personnel), (A-2) Intelligence, (A-3) Training...
    9. The minute you let it be known you're planning a sales campaign everybody wants to get into the act.
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