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  • Beispiele measurement
    1. The ergonomic field study demonstrated through mobile spiroergometry (measurement of oxygen uptake) a high physical demand in the job of both refuse collectors and street cleaners [ 14 ].
    2. A second limitation is the lack of measurement of both handgrip force and ball impact location in the stringbed.
    3. In order to determine the orientation of permeable joint zones, the evaluation of the borehole televiewer data allows a precise measurement of the planar discontinuities at the borehole wall.
  • Beispiele measurements
    1. Hand sections of the ascomatal wall were studied in 3% KOH. All measurements were made in Melzer’s reagent.
    2. One gel was used for radioactivity measurements using a phosphor screen (Multisensitive Medium MS; Perkin Elmer, Courtaboeuf, France) revealed by an autoradiochromatograph scanner (Cyclone Storage Phosphor System; Perkin Elmer).
    3. The measurements of reactive oxygen species and antioxidant enzymes of cocksfoot plants susceptible to CfMV and plants with acquired immunity to CfMV, show completely different patterns in up- and down-regulation after inoculation of CfMV.
    4. Histological measurements of the endocortical bone of the femur also began two visual fields below the growth plate and were continued to the diaphysis, with the diaphysis defined as the midway point between the ends of the femur.
    5. When in Faröe, I obtained at the cave in Naalsöe globules of Faröelite, composed of crystals large enough to afford satisfactory measurements with the reflecting goniometer.
    6. In addition to the control group of oocytes, an additional group (n = 20) was incubated with 100 nM catalase for 30–40 min during intraoocyte H 2 O 2 measurement to ensure that the measurements were truly H 2 O 2 based.
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