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  • Beispiele measurement
    1. 2006: Just as the basic unit of real estate measurement across the world is the square ... — Macquarie Bank (Australia), press release Macquarie releases Real Estate Market Outlook 2006 - "The World Squared", 21 June 2006 [1]
    2. Transcutaneous measurement of oxygen is a helpful monitoring procedure.
    3. The "clickability" of the foams, a measurement of a foam's usefulness in die-cutting processes, was determined by placing a piece of foam 1 in. thick under a square die, 2 1/2 by 2 1/2 in.
    4. to add ease to a waist measurement
    5. Perhaps most notably, our enquiries into the existence of unfreedoms are steps toward the measurement of the overall freedom of each individual and of each society.
    6. "This product contains no PCBs" is a typical commercial distortion if it actually contains 0.498 of the measurement unit, rounded off to "0" ‎
    7. The paper discusses the development of a performance measurement methodology for Idea Management (IM), i.e., a system that supports nonprofessional innovation as a way to the continuous improvement of organisations.[1]
  • Beispiele measurements
    1. Multiple-group comparisons were obtained by ANOVA, with 1-way ANOVA for nonrepeated measurements.
    2. Three preoperative measurements were obtained between the following five reference points: the tragus, soft tissue pogonion, lateral corner of the eye, angle of the mandible, and outer corner of the mouth.
    3. We also perform IR-VIS absorbance measurements and find that the results suggest that during irradiation some of the dye molecules form dimers and trimers and that the polymer host is irreversibly damaged by photooxidation and Norrish type I photocleavage.
    4. For measurements of the cardiac output (CO), the right femoral artery was cannulated and a thermocatheter (MLT1402 T-type Ultra Fast Thermocouple, ADInstruments, Oxford, UK) was introduced.
    5. Schirmer-tests and tear osmlolality measurements planned in the study protocol were not performed to reduce the invasiveness of the study and stress of patients having the advanced condition of severe conjunctivochalasis.
    6. All patients were followed for ⩾1 year using the IPSS, uroflowmetry and measurements of maximum urinary flow rate ( Q max ) and the postvoid residual urine volume (PVR).
    7. Two blood pressure measurements were obtained with a standard sphygmanometer.
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