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EN[mæn] [mɛən] [meən] [mɑn] [mɛn] [-æn]
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    1. An American circus-goer, gazing at the tattooed man in the sideshow, relives his own past of untold centuries back.
    2. Your man is caught dead-handed. He has the gun in his hand, or the marijuana in the car, or the narcotics in his suitcase...
    3. It is very gratifying to cite here the rather significant fact that a man and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Gordon, are joint workers in the conduct of the Settlement; that this double-handedness is a great advantage...
    4. Sub Officer Jack Hobbes had checked that everyone who was meant to be there was present, and detailed who was riding the Pump and the Pump Escape, who were the drivers, who were down as BA wearers and who was duty man for the shift.
    5. The duty-man at the exit locks of the main building stood at his window and watched me curiously.
    6. I knocked the man down, and he ran into the woods, leaving his fire-stick on the ground. ‎
    7. He doesn't, but he's a man with an eye in his head, and he knows what we are, a boneless lot without organization. I say it myself, I said it only last night in this here bar, and I say it again, for two pins I'd chuck my party. I would so.
  • Beispiele men
    1. Men are apt to play with their healths.
    2. Most polyorchid men have a third smaller underdeveloped testis. It can be removed, but does not cause any health concerns if it remains.
    3. Seven masonry crews of five to ten men each carved boulders and cement into a naturalistic poolscape, with elaborate lighting and sound systems.
    4. A quartet of porphyry warriors, locked for all time in stern embrace outside St. Mark's Basilica, were probably carved in the Fourth Century. They are believed to represent the Roman Emperor Diocletian and the three men who held power with him.
    5. England were shipping penalties at an alarming rate - five in the first 15 minutes alone - and with Wilkinson missing three long-distance pots of his own in the first 20 minutes, the alarm bells began to ring for Martin Johnson's men.
    6. Men are such clots, dates don't mean much to them, and if he does start counting , you can always bribe the doctor to tell him it's a prem.
    7. They are also hugely varied, and on a recent Friday night included hipsters, prepsters, fraternity boys in ball caps, soul men with their entourages, East Side girls in diamonds, Howard University grads and an old man pushing 70 in a navy flannel suit.
    8. He is a prince among men.
    9. Notice that many of the pro-circers completely deny the feelings of men who have been circumcised and regret that fact.
  • Beispiele mans
    1. The Hon. HENRY MARKS: We are dealing with the Supplementary Estimates, and included in the Estimates I find Mr. Mortle mans down here again.
    2. [ …] the principall mans or manerie of thame lordis Erilis of Orchadie hes beine syndrie tymis brint and redactit till nocht [ …]
    3. Watch that small sailboat; see how Stephanie mans the rudder?
  • Beispiele manned
    1. By 1960, NASA had sketched the outline for a decadelong effort toward unmanned and then manned lunar explorations, as well as sending spacecraft to Venus and Mars.
    2. For now, it is technically impossible to have a manned flight to Mercury.
    3. The shipped was manned with a small crew.
    4. We will be replacing some manned tolls with high-speed device readers. ‎
    5. Ministers and a good many of their supporters worked in relays, and had so manned down the feeble and numerically small Opposition till we had not strength nor mental energy enough to resist.
  • Beispiele manning
    1. Those manning the facility were in a parlous state.
    2. I spent my adolescence touch-typing, convinced my life would be passed secretarially, my left pinkie building novelty muscle manning the A. Then the technology changed, and I improvised an inelegant three-finger style for computer keyboards.
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