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EN[mæn] [mɛən] [meən] [mɑn] [mɛn] [-æn]
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    Examples of man in a Sentence

  • Beispiele man
    1. A man of such a feeble temper should
    2. A marked man.
    3. Baz, a mascaraed gay man who agitates on behalf of the libido.
    4. a man of mean parentage / a mean abode
    5. Man was not meant to question such things. ‎
    6. Why has not man a microscopic eye? — Alexander Pope.
    7. "The laughter of man is more terrible than his tears, and takes more forms: hollow, heartless, mirthless, maniacal..." – James Thurber
    8. A tall Colombian woman, 44, with multicarat diamond earrings, she said, “He is a brilliant man who is needed by this community.”
  • Beispiele men
    1. I juge, of every folk men shal oon calle / To seyn the verdit for you foules alle.
    2. And þe vernicle bi-fore · for men schulde him knowe
    3. Two rows of slate beds, three of which only were occupied; two men and a boy, nude save a waistcloth; over their heads--sluggishly swayed by the air the new-comer had carelessly admitted--their clothes were hung like shapeless shadows.
    4. Most men wank over pornography.
    5. Witless hizzie, e'en 's you like, The ne'er a doit I 'm carin'; But men maun be the first to speak, An' wanters maun be speerin'.
    6. Men's folly, whimsies, and inconstancy. — Swift.
  • Beispiele mans
    1. The Hon. HENRY MARKS: We are dealing with the Supplementary Estimates, and included in the Estimates I find Mr. Mortle mans down here again.
    2. [ …] the principall mans or manerie of thame lordis Erilis of Orchadie hes beine syndrie tymis brint and redactit till nocht [ …]
    3. Watch that small sailboat; see how Stephanie mans the rudder?
  • Beispiele manned
    1. By 1960, NASA had sketched the outline for a decadelong effort toward unmanned and then manned lunar explorations, as well as sending spacecraft to Venus and Mars.
    2. For now, it is technically impossible to have a manned flight to Mercury.
    3. The shipped was manned with a small crew.
    4. We will be replacing some manned tolls with high-speed device readers. ‎
    5. Ministers and a good many of their supporters worked in relays, and had so manned down the feeble and numerically small Opposition till we had not strength nor mental energy enough to resist.
  • Beispiele manning
    1. Those manning the facility were in a parlous state.
    2. I spent my adolescence touch-typing, convinced my life would be passed secretarially, my left pinkie building novelty muscle manning the A. Then the technology changed, and I improvised an inelegant three-finger style for computer keyboards.
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