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    1. "Equally satisfactory is the evidence for the integrity and incorruptness of the New Testament.
    2. Integrity, fidelity, and other gracious plausibilities. — E. Vaughan.
    3. Ties work to maintain structural integrity in windstorms and earthquakes.
    4. Bridge scour may scoop out scour holes and compromise the integrity of the bridge.
    5. LPS-induced acute lung injury was characterized by the loss of alveolocapillary membrane integrity, leakage of plasma protein, pulmonary edema, marked neutrophil infiltration, and release of proinflammatory cytokines and mediators.
    6. In contrast to these observations with ANPs, although UNP and CNP triggered increased ROS, notably in AT2 and MAC, this did not impact on mitochondrial integrity or cell viability, indicating the significance of surface chemistry in cellular bioreactivity.
    7. The integrity of the right optic radiation was analysed by means of a hodologic probabilistic approach.
    8. Macular integrity was tested with MAIA, a nonmydriatic, near infrared, line SLO scanning laser ophthalmoscope with high frequency eye tracker, a third generation automated macular perimeter with normative database and a statistical analysis module.
    9. We examined the efficiency of plaquing and phage virion integrity, as determined by in vitro assembly, immunological detection and electron microscopy.
    10. The age mentioned in Season 10´s "Viva" makes no sense and is meant as a joke (the episode makes fun about continuity in its first scenes) but it´s IMO a pretty bad joke in a pretty bad and sitcomish episode that destroys character integrity.

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  1. fr intégrité
  2. en intensity
  3. en integrate
  4. en integrin
  5. fr intégrât
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