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    Examples of fiercely in a Sentence

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    1. The wind blew fiercely and the rain fell heavily. ‎
    2. Shafak sketches these Armenians flatly and superficially, as uniformly and fiercely anti-Turk — and as overprotectively fretful about beautiful and bookish Armanoush.
    3. Roughouts, some pundits assert, are therefore superior. Other pundits counterassert, fiercely.
    4. Then as they fought on foot, fast and fiercely with their swords, Tristrem, being sorely wounded in the thigh, grew well-nigh mad with pain, and with one swift-handed heavy stroke cleft Moraunt's helmet to his skull, breaking the sword-point in his brain.

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Look-Alike Worte
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  2. en piercel
  3. en niecely
  4. en tiercel
  5. en fiercen
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