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    1. It should also be pointed out that, while the western group as a whole enjoys more prestige than the eastern group, numerous subdialectal differences exist within the West.
    2. “All the things that are supergroovy and acceptable, like Hedi Slimane and Prada and Balenciaga, can’t really exist without things like International Male as a point of reference.”
    3. Emblems of past promises for a utopian future and scenes of a present still poisoned by those promises exist on a continuum in these wry but unlaughing, beautifully painted pictures.
    4. On the day I checked into comedycentral.com , with its discordant graphic styles, clown-colored ads, egg-yolk-yellow background and general I-exist-to-pester-you design scheme, I was dangerously unmesmerized by the digital video.
    5. But imagine, if you like, a world where climate change did not exist.
    6. There is no way to do it. [=No way to do it exists.]
    7. Is there an answer? [=Does an answer exist?]
    8. No, there isn't. [=No, one doesn't exist.]
    9. Food doesn't cease to exist merely because somebody swallowed it, beanbrain.
  • Beispiele exists
    1. Allism is the position of those who think that all these entities actually exist, and moreover, everything we can speak meaningfully about in some sense exists.
    2. Another option exists for eliminating Tregs is anticytotoxic T-lymphocyte antigen 4 (CTLA4) antibodies.
    3. Of note, the relationship between BMI and DR only exists in the diabetic vasoregression stage (any retinopathy), but not in more severe stages (i.e. increased permeability (DME) or angiogenesis (PDR)).
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    1. What I find deeply disturbing, however, is that Mr. Ross could believe that the earth was created 10,000 years ago, but nevertheless write in his dissertation that mosasaurs, or marine reptiles, existed more than 65 million years ago.
    2. The cam-within-a-cam concept has existed for decades, but perfecting it for production might just add another decade to the life of the pushrod engine.
    3. This may be called milieu control. The Chinese Communist prison is probably the most thoroughly controlled and manipulated group environment that has ever existed.
    4. At day 7, CECs appeared at the periphery and scanty cells existed at the midperiphery and center 7 days after injury.
    5. Black coloration denotes occupation, white coloration nonoccupation, and X that a burrow had not yet or not any more existed in the respective year.
  • Beispiele existing
    1. The nightclub owner applied for longer opening hours, but the police filed a counterapplication on the grounds that she had been breaching the conditions of the existing licence.
    2. The best way to effect change is to work with existing stakeholders.
    3. Under existing laws governing the qualifications of an alien to enter 160 acres or more of the public domain he is only required to file his declaration of intent to become a citizen.
    4. In existing buildings where no flue is available either large enough to provide a fallway or located conveniently for hopper doors, a basement-fed KERNERATOR provides all of the advantages except the hopper-door convenience
    5. Anyway, both Messerli, Messerle, and Meserle (possibly even Mehserle with that very orthography) are demonstrably existing family names in the Germanosphere.
    6. Doing so could be crucial to his future insurability because federal law allows insurers to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions when there has been a gap in coverage of at least 63 days.
    7. Tonne is way out in left field if he thinks a voice writing machine will never be built or that there are no existing prototypes or work being done in this ...
    8. a metanalysis of 35 existing studies

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