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  • Beispiele exist
    1. These videos are hypercasual vignettes of Fallon joshing at his desk that exist to remind viewers of the comic's nonthreatening charm.
    2. The new wrap is short on words and seems to exist primarily to create a front-page ad space (all the rage now) and to tie the mediacentric front of the newspaper to its back, where real estate is now treated as other tabloids treat sports.
    3. Overseas Chinese communities exist in North and South America.
    4. precious few pictures of him exist
    5. The American Dialect Society and similar organizations exist to identify protologistic words and track their development.
    6. It should also be pointed out that, while the western group as a whole enjoys more prestige than the eastern group, numerous subdialectal differences exist within the West.
    7. “All the things that are supergroovy and acceptable, like Hedi Slimane and Prada and Balenciaga, can’t really exist without things like International Male as a point of reference.”
  • Beispiele exists
    1. As a further point of clarification, notice that (C0) does not characterize a criterion for determining whether a continuant x of kind K that exists at t 1 is identical to a continuant y of kind K that exists at t 2 .
    2. Sounds very Star Trek, but Virtual Reality technology exists right now.
    3. Virtual addressing allows applications to believe that there is much more physical memory than actually exists.
    4. Since a commutative zero is the inverse of any additive identity, it must be unique when it exists.
    5. A closer look at North Korean history reveals what Pyongyang’s leaders really want their near-farcical belligerence to achieve — a reminder to the world that North Korea exists, and an impression abroad that its leaders are irrational and unpredictable.
    6. Two varieties are said to be birationally equivalent if there exists a birational map between them.
    7. There is no way to do it. [=No way to do it exists.]
    8. If x is a positive number, then there exists [=there is] a positive number y less than x.
    9. In this “O, O,” as in many French encounters with Judson-era artists and precepts, there exists a dissonance-causing artifice; the seven new performers do not always seem as unadornedly present as their American peers were.
  • Beispiele existed
    1. "Latter-day Saints believe that all of us, Christ included, existed in a premortal existence, as spirits," Mr. Millet said.
    2. Our constitution is a prescriptive constitution; it is a constitution, whose sole authority is, that it has existed time out of mind.
    3. What I find deeply disturbing, however, is that Mr. Ross could believe that the earth was created 10,000 years ago, but nevertheless write in his dissertation that mosasaurs, or marine reptiles, existed more than 65 million years ago.
    4. The cam-within-a-cam concept has existed for decades, but perfecting it for production might just add another decade to the life of the pushrod engine.
    5. This may be called milieu control. The Chinese Communist prison is probably the most thoroughly controlled and manipulated group environment that has ever existed.
  • Beispiele existing
    1. a metanalysis of 35 existing studies
    2. My plug-in allows the media player to use the existing native support to play videos.
    3. 9 per cent of Centro's existing issued securities were to be issued in mid-January to its 23 financiers, comprising Australian banks and US private placement noteholders, on a pro rata basis at market value.
    4. For your existing windows, the glazing rebates will also have to be deepened to provide the extra gap.
    5. New oil reserves are continuously being discovered, but not as fast as the existing ones are running out. ‎
    6. Rather than build new homes, weekenders are renovating existing homes, with saltboxes and capes predominant.
    7. "Currently, we're pretty well settled with everything we've been doing, and a visit to Cannes is more about working on existing relationships. Calling it a 'schmooze-athon' would best sum it up."

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Look-Alike Worte
  1. fr existé
  2. en exited
  3. fr existe
  4. fr existée
  5. en exister
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