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    1. This dish is mediumly good: not exceptional, but not bad. ‎
    2. Exceptional service is the cornerstone of the hospitality industry.
    3. The new system provides exceptional quality of the reception signal.
    4. Its Le Nombre dOr Campanae Veteres Vites 2000, $66, showcases three lesser-known grapes arbanne, petit meslier and fromenteau but one word describes it: exceptional.
    5. These exceptional euryarchaeotic species were mixed within the crenarchaeotic zone, together with Nanoarchaeum equitans [40 ] and “Ca.
    6. Capers Funnye is a knowledgeable, committed Jew and, as an Obama relative, has exceptional yichus.
  • Beispiele exceptionals
    1. Our concerns remain over the continued high level of exceptionals and lack of cash generation.
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