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    1. When tournament players are eliminated but remain eager to win back their buy-in, side games often develop and upstage tournament play with limits exceeding those in the tournament.
    2. Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.
    3. Chop the smallage exceeding small and put it in a good half hour before you are to take your posset from the fire: You are to season your Gruel with a little Salt, at the due time; and you may put in a little Nutmeg, and Mace to it.
    4. A man's brain whizzes along for years exceeding the speed limit, and something suddenly goes wrong with the steering-gear and it skids and comes a smeller in the ditch. "
    5. Now was it the season of the yeer past sun-stead in summer and neer unto the houre of noon-stead in the day, so as they journeyed in a way full of dust, when the sun was exceeding hot; and even now they began to feel thirst and weariness already.
    6. The authors concluded that a lateral condylopatellar sulcus exceeding 1.5 mm depth, which corresponds to a standard deviation 3 times above the norm, would be a strong indicator for a sustained ACL injury.
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