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EN[ˌɛl.ɛkˈtɹɒn.ɪk] [ˌɛl.ɪkˈtɹɒn.ɪk] [ɪˌlɛkˈtɹɒn.ɪk] [ɪˌlɛkˈtɹɑː.nɪk] [ˌiː.lɛkˈtɹɑː.nɪk]

    Examples of electronic in a Sentence

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    1. Van Eck phreaking might be used to compromise the secrecy of the votes in an election using electronic voting.
    2. Vaporizers are used in electronic cigarettes to simulate smoke.
    3. Aneroid and electronic instruments, decalibrate easily and frequently and require routine accuracy checks.
    4. Every morning he powered up his electronic devices, even before making coffee.
    5. THE PRODIGY (Thursday) This British electronic trio — beloved for its skronking, industrial soundachieved a burst of mainstream notoriety in 1997 when it released the caustic (and controversial) single “Smack My Bitch Up.”
    6. On Friday, the Thai police said he was under arrest and charged as a pedophile after computer experts had unswirled the digitally altered face in a virtuoso act of electronic decoding.
    7. Boasting a stylish space and brooding electronic music, this airy and atmospheric bar attracts a somewhat savvier bar-goer.
    8. We study the electronic structure of an ordered array of poly(para-phenylene) chains produced by surface-catalyzed dehalogenative polymerization of 1,4-dibromobenzene on copper (110).
    9. The inquiry’s chair, Alex Gallacher, later looked up flexicuffs on an electronic device, and described them as “basically cable ties”, noting it would be very easy for Nichols to mistake them as such.
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