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    Examples of courage in a Sentence

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    1. He was regarded by the other soldiers as an all-American for his courage in battle.
    2. to brag of one's exploits, courage, or money
    3. And now the muse (with courage not her own, / But that which heav'n protects with Freedom's, throne) / Has dar'd a clew-less passage to explore [ …] .
    4. But look how soon they heard of Holoferne / Their courage quail'd, and they began to derne. ― T. Hudson.
    5. It would take a few more beers, but when the liquid courage kicked in, his wobbly legs were unable to keep pace with the fleetfooted waitress, who rolled her eyes, smiling, and finally twirled away.
    6. His courage manifested itself via the look on his face.
    7. supreme disgust; supreme courage
    8. True courage and courtesy are undividual companions. — Fuller.
    9. We will proceed with unfaltering courage, until we reach our goal or are defeated.
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