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    1. Some 70 or so cars are captured in photographs, and the book includes essays on such subjects as coachbuilding and engine evolution as well as biographies of auto-world figures, beginning with Karl Benz and ending with Ugo Zagato, the coachbuilder.
    2. The bill authorizes the President's designee, to access funds that the Congress has already appropriated for the auto industries.
    3. The auto mechanic is a diamond in the rough, tough-talking, but honest, even generous.
    4. The auto-loader on the gun kept jamming so they did it manually.
    5. Slushboxes are taking over the scrub. Once scorned in the bush, the automatic gearbox today is more widely accepted in traditional four-wheel drive wagons. "Bush bashers go auto." The Sunday Telegraph. 2002 July 21. Pg. A05.
    6. In competition, where swoopers perform freestyle maneuvers, negotiate slalom-style courses and aim for accuracy, the spectacle is often compared to auto racing.
    7. The department has been testing samples of tap water in the affected neighborhoods for the presence of the chemical, tetrachloroethylene, which is used in dry cleaning and auto body repair.
    8. A Greek ship wants 30 pounds of feta cheese, a British tramper requests five cases of steak and kidney pies, a Japanese auto carrier orders 75 pints of boiled octopus, [ …]
    9. As the auto industry is waining away, the city is looking for something new. [1]
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    1. Some curious circumstances respecting delation, prison life, and autos da fe are here minutely recorded.]
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