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    1. “With the adjacencies for victims whose families wish them to be listed together, [ … ] , this is an approach that I hope will be acceptable to the great majority of the families affected,” he said afterward.
    2. (i) The peak of the central flash occurs about 2 s later than the midtime between the half-light times, and (ii) the slope of the light curve is shallower before the peak of the central flash than afterward.
    3. It is ruine to a man to deuour saints, and afterward to retract the vowes. (Proverbs 20:25) - Douay Rheims 1635 printing
    4. Mets fans at Citi Field have surely noticed an M.L.B. policy during video reviews: replays considered by the umpires cannot be shown on stadium videoboards, even afterward, presumably to avoid riling fans.
    5. Afterward, when company profits had ventured a bit too far southward, the CFO began to get nervous.
    6. Then there was the period immediately afterward when she grew a bit of a gunt and started looking more like a traditional female-in-sports person.
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