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    1. Afterward he took his smart visored cap off the hook and limped down town, his boots and leggings and uniform very spick and span from Ma Werner's expert brushing and rubbing.
    2. “With the adjacencies for victims whose families wish them to be listed together, [ … ] , this is an approach that I hope will be acceptable to the great majority of the families affected,” he said afterward.
    3. (i) The peak of the central flash occurs about 2 s later than the midtime between the half-light times, and (ii) the slope of the light curve is shallower before the peak of the central flash than afterward.
    4. It is ruine to a man to deuour saints, and afterward to retract the vowes. (Proverbs 20:25) - Douay Rheims 1635 printing
    5. Mets fans at Citi Field have surely noticed an M.L.B. policy during video reviews: replays considered by the umpires cannot be shown on stadium videoboards, even afterward, presumably to avoid riling fans.
    6. Afterward, when company profits had ventured a bit too far southward, the CFO began to get nervous.
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