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  • SubstantivBFshelterSUF-ers
    1. plural of shelter.
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        • Young, dense seed mussels are dredged up and relaid in more sheltered areas, where they will not be destroyed by storms.
        • MIXOLOGY In Duncan and Julia Brine's garden, a sugar maple shelters stephanandra.
        • The idea was no sooner mooted, than we were reliably informed that we would have to play down considerably the Muslim component, sheltering behind a broader allochthone scout concept.
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        • Shelters will receive separate payments for their therapists who participate in training ($25/h) and cofacilitate the group counseling sessions ($50/h).
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        • Could you please send this package to Mr. John Smith, care of the Northwest Shelter?
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      1. Substantive
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          • Substantiv Pluralformen

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