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  • SubstantivBFplan
    1. plural of plan.
      1. Arrangements to go on a trip.
      2. VerbBFplanPRplanningPT, PPplanned
        1. third-person singular simple present indicative form of plan.
        2. Mehr Beispiele
          1. Wird in der Mitte des Satzes verwendet
            • They were engaged last month! They're planning to have the wedding next year. ‎
            • His big plans to get rich never quite seemed to get off the ground.
            • 2007, The Times - Sand storm - Plans to turn Birmingham into St Tropez have gone awry
          2. Zu Beginn des Satzes verwendet
            • plan to take math, physics, literature and flower arrangement this semester. ‎
            • Plan to set aside three or four hours to see the museum.
          3. In der Endung des Satzes verwendet
            • He smiled a little to himself, as he was in on the plan.
            • THEY NAMED THEIR COMMUNITY of forty-seven homes near Pleasantville, New York, "Usonia" in homage to Frank Lloyd Wright, whose ideas on the way Americans should live together guided their plan.
            • Does this have anything to do with the party you were planning?
        • Wortart Hierarchie
          1. Substantive
            • Noun Formen
              • Substantiv Pluralformen
            • Verben
              • Verbformen
                • Verb Einzahlformen
                  • Der 3. person singular
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            Meaning of plans for the defined word.

            Grammatisch, dieses wort "plans" ist ein substantive, genauer gesagt, ein noun formen. Es ist auch ein verben, genauer gesagt, ein verbformen.
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