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    1. plural of particle.
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        • Briefly, particles on polycarbonate membranes were digested with 0.2 mol L -1 NaOH. Silica concentration was measured through molybdosilicate blue spectrophotometry.
        • It takes only minutes, after entry into a cell, for a virus particle to uncoat.
        • The loosely packed particles were verified by plenty of intercrystallite spaces observed in these premature cubic structures, as shown in Fig 4c .
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        • In contrast, reductase continued to become membrane-extracted, but not cytosolically dislocated, in cells deficient for AAA-ATPases of the proteasome 19 S regulatory particle.
        • A general purpose analysis model (cumulant fit for monomodal dispersions and regularization fit for multimodal dispersions) was employed to determine the hydrodynamic diameter of the particles.
        • The culture supernatant was prespun at 4,000 rpm for 10 min and loaded on top of 20% sucrose in TEN buffer and ultracentrifugated at 39,000 rpm for 18 h to separate extracellular viral particles.
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