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Dnoch nicht

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  • Adverb
    1. Used to describe that something is expected to happen but has not for the moment.
      1. [Rural solar plant] schemes are of little help to industry or other heavy users of electricity. Nor is solar power yet as cheap as the grid. For all that, the rapid arrival of electric light to Indian villages is long overdue. When the national grid suffers its next huge outage, as it did in July 2012 when hundreds of millions were left in the dark, look for specks of light in the villages.
  • Mehr Beispiele
    1. Wird in der Mitte des Satzes verwendet
      • If we were to accept Amendment No. 144D, the effect of that would be to disapply the definition from properties that are not yet on the market. - House of Lords Hansard for 19 Oct 2004 (pt 5)
      • The postman has been today, but my tickets have still not yet come.
      • Black coloration denotes occupation, white coloration nonoccupation, and X that a burrow had not yet or not any more existed in the respective year.
  • Wortart Hierarchie
    1. Adverbien
      • Unver Adverbien

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    Grammatisch, dieses idiom "not yet" ist ein adverbien, genauer gesagt, ein unver adverbien.
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