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    Definition of considering in English Dictionary

  • SubstantivPLconsideringsPREcon-SUF-ing
    1. consideration.
    2. Verb
      1. present participle of consider.
      2. Mehr Beispiele
        1. Wird in der Mitte des Satzes verwendet
          • Theirs is a nonrivalry of sorts, considering the many lopsided outcomes of past encounters between them, but it always proves to be intriguing.
          • He's depersonalizing right now, so he's considering checking himself into the hospital.
          • The lesson could start with a ‘thought shower’ session considering the arguments for and against getting involved as an individual when pupils witness a crime such as robbery and assault.
        2. Zu Beginn des Satzes verwendet
          • Considering some of the other offers that were made, allowing this one piece of merchandise was by no means a cash grab; this was merely Watterson putting a toe in the water.
      • Wortart Hierarchie
        1. Substantive
          • Zählbare Nomen
          • Präpositionen
            • Verben
              • Verbformen
                • Partizipien
                  • Partizip Präsens
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            Meaning of considering for the defined word.

            Grammatisch, dieses wort "considering" ist ein substantive, genauer gesagt, ein zählbare nomen. Es ist auch ein präpositionen. Es ist auch ein verben, genauer gesagt, ein verbformen.
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