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  • AdjektivCOMmore confidentialSUPmost confidentialPREcon-SUF-al
    1. Kept, or meant to be kept, secret within a certain circle of persons; not intended to be known publicly.
      1. The newspaper claims a leaked confidential report by the government admits to problems with corrupt MPs.
    2. (dated) Inclined to share confidences.
      1. Sitting in front of the fire, they became quite confidential, and began to gossip.
  • Mehr Beispiele
    1. Wird in der Mitte des Satzes verwendet
      • ' [ …] And he explained this business of confidential commissions?' / 'Yes, he did. And it seemed to turn out quite respectable and above board.' Mrs Meatyard considered. 'Or almost above board.
  • Wortart Hierarchie
    1. Adjektive
      • Morpheme
        • Suffixe
          • Worte von Suffix
            • Words suffixed with -al
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      Grammatisch, dieses wort "confidential" ist ein adjektive. Es ist auch ein morpheme, genauer gesagt, ein suffixe.
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