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EN[sɛl wɔːl] [sɛl wɑːl]
DZellenwand WZellwand
  • Eine Zellwand ist eine aus Polymeren aufgebaute Hülle, die die Zellen von Pflanzen, Bakterien, Pilzen, Algen und manchen Archaeen umgibt. Tiere und Protozoen haben keine Zellwände.
cell wall
cell wall

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    1. (cytology) A thick, fairly rigid, layer formed around individual cells of bacteria, Archaea, fungi, plants, and algae (but not animals and other protists which generally have cell membranes without cell walls). The cell wall is external to the cell membrane and serves a structural function helping the cell maintain its shape and protecting the cell from damage.
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        • The epidermis itself is covered with a cuticle, a layer which may be interpreted as a lipidized area of the epidermal cell wall (Guzmán et al., 2014 ).
        • We show here that Mkk2 mediates the phosphorylation of the Mkc1 MAPK in response to cell wall assembly interfering agents such as zymolyase or tunicamycin and also to oxidative stress.
        • To assess the cell wall properties, the effect of isoxaben, an inhibitor of cellulose synthase, on fei1fei2, galt2galt5, sos5, and the quintuple mutant was examined.
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