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EN[ˈbɛtə] [ˈbɛtɚ] [ˈbɛɾɚ] [ˈbetə(ɹ)] [ˈbeɾə(ɹ)] [-ɛtə(r)]

    Definition of better in English Dictionary

  • SubstantivPLbettersSUF-ter
    1. An entity, usually animate, deemed superior to another; one who has a claim to precedence; a superior.
      1. He quickly found Ali his better in the ring.
    2. Alternative spelling of bettor.
    3. VerbSGbettersPRbetteringPT, PPbettered
      1. VT To improve.
        1. VI To become better; to improve.
          1. VT To surpass in excellence; to exceed; to excel.
            1. VT To give advantage to; to support; to advance the interest of.
              1. SLA Had better.
                1. You better do that if you know what's good for you.
            2. Adjektiv
              1. comparative form of good: more good.
                1. Badger: You think you're better than other people. Mal: Just the ones I'm better than.
              2. comparative form of well: more well.
                1. larger, greater.
                2. Adverb
                  1. comparative form of well: more well.
                    1. More, in reference to value, distance, time, etc.
                      1. ten miles and better
                  2. Mehr Beispiele
                    1. Wird in der Mitte des Satzes verwendet
                      • There, then, that vizard, that superfluous case, that hid the worse and show'd the better face.-- Shakespeare, Love's Labors Lost V.ii.387
                      • [Appending items one at a time is] still a better deal than concatenation, which reallocates every time.
                      • You'd better run over your statement before going on the platform.
                    2. Zu Beginn des Satzes verwendet
                      • Better organized writing helps to get the point across.
                      • better go to the woman's room, wash your face and come right back here and we'll be glad to have you.
                    3. In der Endung des Satzes verwendet
                      • I used tact when I told my fat uncle that his extra weight made him look better.
                      • Still, it stung when a slightly older acquaintance asked me why I couldn't do any better.
                      • He doesn't mean to misbehave; he just doesn't know better.
                  • Wortart Hierarchie
                    1. Adjektive
                      • Adjektivformen
                        • Adjektiv Komparativformen
                      • Adverbien
                        • Adverb Formen
                          • Adverb Komparativformen
                        • Substantive
                          • Zählbare Nomen
                          • Verben
                            • Intransitive Verben
                              • Transitive Verben
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                            Meaning of better for the defined word.

                            Grammatisch, dieses wort "better" ist ein adjektive, genauer gesagt, ein adjektivformen. Es ist auch ein adverbien, genauer gesagt, ein adverb formen. Es ist auch ein substantive, genauer gesagt, ein zählbare nomen. Es ist auch ein verben, genauer gesagt, ein intransitive verben und ein transitive verben.
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