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  • SubstantivBFanimal
    1. plural of animal.
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        • Nevertheless, plant and animal based food flavorizers are often incorporated into rodenticides to enhance palatability to omnivorous rodents.
        • The taste of clean killed, still hunted animals far exceeds that of either gut shot deer or those run by dogs.
        • Wistar rats (150–200 g) were anesthetized with 10% chloralhydrate (4 ml/kg, i.p.), and then mechanically ventilated with a small animal respirator.
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        • Animals were sacrificed on day 21 under deep anesthetisation with chloral hydrate.
        • Animals within Sedentaria have more sedentary lifestyles and other traits associated with sessility such as reduced sensory organs and parapodia.
        • Animal models used supraphysiologic doses than that in human.
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        • Histopathologically, fibrinopurulent bronchopneumonia with multifocal areas of necrosis and pleuritis was seen in the lungs of infected animals.
        • If we unbridle our greed and lust we will be nothing but animals.
        • The herdowner was advised not to breed from the affected animal.
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